VIZIYA’s Complete Maintenance Analytics Workshop

VIZIYA WorkAlign Analytics Workshop will cover turning data into action

maintenance analyticsThe VIZIYA Maintenance Summit & User Group will offer unprecedented opportunities for maintenance professionals to network and learn from each other, but the advantages don’t stop there. VIZIYA will offer different product specific educational opportunities throughout the week. Each has been designed to ensure users are getting the most out of the solutions in the VIZIYA WorkAlign Suite.

WorkAlign Analytics gives users the keys to unlocking the intelligence and power in their maintenance data. The Analytics Workshop will offer high-value content for both experienced users and those new to the solution. The workshop will be led by Brittany McDonald, VIZIYA’s Analytics Product Manager.

McDonald joined VIZIYA in 2015. Prior to joining VIZIYA, she engaged in both research and teaching at Hamilton’s McMaster University. During her time with VIZIYA, McDonald has led the design and development of the WorkAlign Analytics product, making her ideally positioned to facilitate this workshop.

“Modern maintenance and asset management brings us a wealth of data. We’ll teach you to use WorkAlign Analytics to draw out that data and turn it into actionable items that you can share with your team,” says McDonald.

The workshop will go over the basics of the solution before diving into the more advanced and powerful functions of WorkAlign Analytics. The primary audience for the workshop is those already using the solution, but there will still be a lot of value for those considering it for their companies.

“One of the greatest strengths of WorkAlign Analytics is the pre-built maintenance data warehouse, which allows you to build your own reports,” says McDonald.

“In addition, there is an extensive out-of-the-box report suite – it’s the cumulation of years of consultation with maintenance professionals, so the most commonly requested reports are already included.”

Among the advanced topics under discussion will be ETL scheduling, troubleshooting techniques, and improving performance, as well as lesser-known configurations available in WorkAlign Analytics.

“For me, the most exciting part is that attendees with also get the chance to learn from other users on their own best practices, and how they’re using Analytics to communicate and engage with other stakeholders in the maintenance process,” says McDonald.

The WorkAlign Analytics Workshop will also provide a chance for attendees to see and experience new and upcoming features, as well as ask the product management team questions directly.

The Analytics Workshop takes place on Thursday, November 7th.  Please note that all information presented here is intended as a tentative guideline only and is subject to change. There are no additional charges to attend workshops for attendees at the VIZIYA Maintenance Summit & User Group, but please note that registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to book your spot at the VIZIYA Summit!

The VIZIYA Summit takes place at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee from November 4 to 8, 2019.