Master Data Best Practices at 2019 VIZIYA MSUG

Logic Point Master Data Best PracticesLogic Point to show how to solve challenges using master data best practices

As a scheduler, how many of your jobs get reworked because it turns out the data on the asset, the bill of materials, or the picked spare part is wrong? Do you ever need to reorder parts because the part number, location, or description is incorrect? Using best practices for managing your master data may hold the solution to these issues. That’s the central theme of “Master Asset Management by Easily Adopting Master Data Best Practices,” a workshop taking place at the upcoming VIZIYA Maintenance Summit & User Group (MSUG).

The workshop, presented by Logic Point, will take place on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. The VIZIYA MSUG takes place at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee from November 4 to 8, 2019.

During the session, representatives of Logic Point discuss how good maintenance practices can apply to both your assets and your data, and what tools you can rely on to accelerate these practices.

Logic Point will use real examples drawn from their clients to show how a culture of quality data has reduced labor and maintenance costs long term. Attendees at this session will learn:

  • How to tell what good data looks like
  • How to tell if your data is reliable
  • Which tools you can use to help address those data challenges today
Master Data Best Practices

Logic Point’s workshop at the 2019 VIZIYA MSUG will highlight how master data best practices can help maintenance departments achieve greater efficiency.

There are often drastic consequences for relying on poor quality data. Thankfully, Logic Point says the issues, although quite common, are amazingly easy to address. This session promises to give you the tools you need to find your spare parts easily, have the correct bill of materials on hand to address the right asset, and efficiently schedule your teams to execute.

Master data is at the core of how a modern business conducts all its operations, including maintenance. In terms of volume, master data is often a very small part of all the data your organization has in its possession. In terms of impact, however, it is some of the most valuable.

A complex organization may have hundreds of different systems for various functions. This means data, including master data, that must cross over from department to department, location to location, or organization to organization, has many opportunities to become duplicated or fragmented. It’s also common for the “master” data in one department to become out-of-date.

Without well-managed master data, even relatively simple questions about KPIs and other metrics can become exceedingly difficult to answer accurately. Logic Point will highlight how attendees can ensure that their organization manages master data using best practices.

Quality data is the fundamental building block of efficient asset management. Make sure to register for this special Logic Point session at VIZIYA’s Maintenance Summit & User Group. There’s still time to register for this session and the entire VIZIYA Summit. Click here to register and ensure your place for the 2019 VIZIYA MSUG!